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Your questions answered

  • What is Ômai TV?

    Ômai TV provides premium Vietnamese programming including movies, variety, music, dramas and lifestyle programs in both SD and HD.

  • Where & what can I watch?

    As a subscriber, you have access to all of Ômai TV content across any platform that we currently support. Go to our website, register and start your 30-day free trial now.

  • Can I request a Title be added?

    While we can’t guarantee that we can get it, we want to hear what you want to see. If you have a title in mind that we absolutely must have, let us know at

  • How much new content is there?

    On average, Ômai TV will provide 40-45  new programs per week.

  • Is all the content legally sourced?

    All of the content on Ômai TV is legally licensed by Ômai TV.

  • Do I need to install Silverlight?

    In order to watch Ômai TV on PC's and Macs, you will need to have Silverlight installed on your computer. You can use this link to install Silverlight :

  • My phone/tablet is Rooted or Jailbroken, can I still watch?

    Unfortunately, due to content security restrictions, the service cannot be used on devices that have been 'rooted' or 'jailbroken'.

  • Can I watch on Linux devices?

    Unfortunately we do not support Linux at this time.

  • What devices can I use to watch Omai TV?

    • You can watch Ômai TV on Windows PC's and Mac's using the latest browsers: Internet Explorer, Safari, Chrome and Firefox. You will need to have Microsoft Silverlight installed to watch on these browsers.
    • You can also watch using iPhone's, iPads and Android phones and tablets. iPhones and iPads must be running iOS 8 or later. Android devices must be running Android 4.4 or later.
    • Whilst we do test the service on many different Android devices, we cannot guarantee the servive works well on all devices. Old and low specification devices may not be powerful enough to provide a smooth video streaming experience.
  • How do I use the service on phones and tablets?

    Once you have subscribed to Ômai TV, search for "Ômai TV" in the Apple Store or Google Play. The application is free to download and install. Once the application starts, simply enter your Ômai TV username and password to browse and stream content to your device.

  • Will streaming work over cellular/mobile networks?

    Warning: streaming video over a cellular network can use large amounts of data. Data charges vary; please check with your mobile provider. Data roaming charges may be significantly higher.

  • Are my credit card payments secure?

    Yes, your credit card payments are secure.  Ômai  TV uses Braintree payment system owned and operated by PayPal.

  • How do I cancel my subscription?

    You may cancel your subscription at any time. Simply login and go the My Account page. You will find the "Cancel Subscription” link there.

  • What is the billing cycle?

    Your subscription is billed on a month-to-month basis.

  • What's the monthly subscription cost?

    Currently, we're offering a special of $12.95 per month. You will be able to access all premium content on Ômai TV without commercial interruptions.

  • How do I pay for the service?

    Ômai TV uses a secure payment system. Simply enter your credit card details as part of the subscription process and the payment system will process the monthly payment at the end of the cycle.

  • Can I watch live channels?

    Live TV channels will be available in Q1 of 2016. We will provide information as soon as the service becomes available.